Sports facilities for the needs of Medical high school


competition, 2nd prize
Rakičani, Slovenia
Municipality of Murska Sobota
open competition
public/sport hall
Project team: 
Aleš Žnidaršič
Katja Žlajpah
Martina Ferfila
Vesna Vraničar
Andraž Intihar
Ana Kosi
Tadej Kališnik

The wider area of the design covers a location on the edge of the settlement, which in the context of building settlements is categorized as a building of non-residential complexes. Within the proposed strategy of an additional construction of a sports hall the plan also considers the re-arrangement of the existing school complex as well as the outdoor sports activities into an integrated system of the school centre and simultaneously of the sports and recreational park.
Contrary to the current fragmented situation of the existing school facility we plan a layout of the sports hall as a clear, visible, concluded geometric shape. The basic matrix results from a string of the simplest form of a rectangle where we achieve effective spatial effects through modifications, cut-outs (atrium), within the design of the façade envelope opposite to the dimensions of compact volume. Spatial composition sets a non-compact, slightly articulated structure, with the result that the building body maintains a continuous volume.
The structure is designed as an energy efficient building, which not only provides low energy consumption but also guarantees a flexibility of systems and the application of techniques for the long term and durability.