Centre of protection and rescue


competition 2014, mention
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Municipality of Ljubljana with Ljubljana Fire brigade
public competition
public/industrial facility
Project team: 
Aleš Žnidaršič
Katja Žlajpah
Vesna Vraničar
Gašper Fabijan
Blaž Boldin
Dino Mujič
Aljoša Lipolt
Rok Hočevar
Dino Mujič

The sign in the space

The tender foresees the construction of a complete complex for the Protection and Rescue Centre in which the main focus is to enable optimal (timely and effective) intervention. An absolute condition for the latter is strict compliance with the operational criteria of the organization of fire fighters, that in a pragmatic way defines the external dimensions of the building on the ground floor due to the technological and functional requirements. The latter provides a general rule, where the form follows the function of the building to a great degree, in order to guarantee the shortest connections between the routes of the fire fighters and the rational/ efficient/ functional design of emergency vehicle distribution within the building itself. This must also integrate with an efficient traffic concept for a fluid execution of vehicle operation allowing for active intervention. For this reason the facility can be summarised by its effective longitudinal design in the parterre – the ground floor, while the »towers« follow a more dynamic expression.