Cultural centre Bamiyan


Bamiyan, Afganistan
international competition
Project team: 
Aleš Žnidaršič
Katja Žlajpah
Vesna Vraničar
Katja Martinčič
Sanel Muranović

Spatium Conclusus

The location is exceptional because of the interplay of amazing natural landmarks with an extraordinary culture of living and the heritage of the land, the figurative cliffs of the Bamyan valley, which play an exclusive role acting as a link between the past and the present.
The idea flirts with the basic archetypal design of a completed square enclave (fortress) surrounded by a wall, intervened with primordial elements of designing and segmenting the masses of pavilion construction. The pure geometry, high lightened horizontality, the autonomy of the individual parts are the basic means by which the compact base of »introverted« cluster of larger scale is decomposed into segments that extrovertly create a dialog with the space.
A slightly elevated base plate of 66x66m is planned as circumferentially defined structure within which we plan the allocation of several simple, clean volumes of geometrical figures, which differ in their elementary appearance and function. The rimmed edge defines a so-called zone of bordering (low) wall, which in combination with a »floating« roof forms an architectural element of distinctively horizontal and modern expression. The empty »vertical« space between them serves as the manipulation tool for defining the visual sequence in the context of contact outside – inside, here – there. As part of the whole, the voids are an integral element of the spatial design. They are designed as courtyards of specific properties: the access foyer in the east part of the centre, the open auditorium with views over the former Buddhist statues, lapidarium in connection with the museum, introverted light patio in connection with the administrative complex and private green courtyard in connection with the study complex.