New petrol service


conceptual proposal
Ljubljana, Slovenia
invited competition
Project team: 
Aleš Žnidaršič
Katja Žlajpah
Urška Bertok
Kaja Todorovič
Jan Jazbec
Jan Jazbec
Aleš Pajk

CONTEXT – a sign in the space

The buildings of gas stations are generally perceived as roadside structures of highly transitional nature, which - on the perception level - have to be experienced as markers of the area. Beside the fact that the visitors are regular and random, the key artistic language of extrovert nature is of high importance and plays the role of orientation landmark in the area. We integrally introduce the idea of spatial sign where the typological recognizable composition operates as a contrast in relationship to the environment up to the level to be recognisable regarding the differently remote visual sequences. In the wider context, the spatial composition becomes the company's signet and one of the distinctive elements of the urban image at the same time. The spatial »signet« creates a strong three-dimensional picture, which clearly establishes a information on all perception levels, from up close, as well as from afar, from the road level as well as from the air.