Indoor swimming pool
Slovenj Gradec


competition, 2nd prize
Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
City Municipalitiy Slovenj Gradec
open competition
sports facility
Project team: 
Aleš Žnidaršič
Katja Žlajpah
Simon Čelan
Urška Bertok
Vesna Vraničar
Eva Senekovič
Tim Zrimšek

"Bath" atmosphere

Within the covered pool complex, in addition to the primary activity, there is a supplemental programme of wellness, fitness and accompanying catering programmes. The basic programme scheme is integrated into a comprehensive system of precisely defined contents that co-design the ambient atmosphere of the whole and give the space an architectural sense - the atmosphere of a "swimming_bath pool according to the archetypal pattern of Roman terms". At the level of design, we introduce a series of identical and distinctive visual elements of vertical "light cubes" with which we upgrade the experiential effect of each cluster.They are sensibly placed where the experience enhances the story of the whole area: in the area of the main entrance to the complex, within the pool complex (the thermal pool, the children's area and the entry into the pool), as part of the wellness centre (in part of the relaxation& chill-out area).