ALUARTFORUM - Art Gallery of Fine Arts Academy


competition,1st prize
Zagreb, Croatia
University of Zagreb
international competition
public/art gallery
Project team: 
Aleš Žnidaršič
Katja Žlajpah
Gašper Fabijan
Vesna Vraničar
Andrea Donatovič Poljičak
Jan Jazbec

White cube - new art Gallery

The spatial story is enhanced by the idea of designing an accessible, so-called »gallery path«, leading from main street in a spiral form past the park and over the steps, in the form of a Skalinada (an open theatrical space), to the entrance platform on the upper ground floor (parterre).  The access-gallery path plays the main role in the conceptual design of the building, for it embraces the whole building corpus and becomes a part of the gallery experience, of the path, leading you past all the characteristic ambiances of the city street, the park, up to the belvedere – the entrance platform, with a view of the »city« from the upper parterre. The architectural design is determined by the lower, »urban« base on which the cube of Art (“white cube”) is placed on it's eastern part.