Design approach

of the studio is defined as interdisciplinary work relating present-day reality to local identity. When creating the architectural content to fit and fulfil the available empty space, we always consider the values of the past and environmental concerns as well as modern architectural views and trends.

The design focus is based on the premise of “perfect simplicity”, a desire to create spaces and architecture in coexistence with nature as well as cultural heritage: clear ideas, simple and comprehensible forms and indubitable structure are the leading principles. It is hard to reduce our style of work to words but it could generally be described as Sense and Sensuality. We feel that understanding the sensual nature of space and our perception of it is even more important than the rational (formal) design. As almost all our realized projects have been set in a beautiful and spectacular natural landscape, we had been able to upgrade the formal design into the interweaving relationship of the constructed and the natural, always proceeding upon the assumption that nature was the key.

Multiplan arhitekti d.o.o.
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Aleš Žnidaršič, partner

Aleš Žnidaršič, born in 1969, studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana and graduated in 1997. Between 1999 and 2002, he also worked as an assistant at the Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture, collaborating on one of the core curriculum courses. A long-time member of the Architects’ Society of Ljubljana, he has also been registered since 2002 as a self-employed artist under the aegis of the Slovenian Ministry of Culture, recognized as one of the outstanding independent creators in the field of culture. He is a lead architect at the Multiplan architectural office. In 2017 he was awarded the highest artistic title of the University of Ljubljana for the highest artistic recognition and for the achivement of highly important works in the field of Art, which tantamounts to the title Doctor of Science.

Žlajpah Katja, partnerica

Katja Žlajpah, born in 1971, studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana, graduating in 1998. In addition to architectural work, she has explored other artistic fields, such as contemporary art and graphic design, and has also been a certified exhibitions curator since 1998. Ever since her graduation, she has been a member of the Architects' Society of Ljubljana, and is acting as one of the outstanding independent creators in the field of culture registered under the aegis of the Slovenian Ministry of Culture. She is a lead architect at the multiPlan architectural office.

Project team

Martina Marčan
Jože Marinko
Tjaša Tušar
Viktorija Vitanova
Sara Ana Vrtovec
Nina Dolar
Ex members
Vesna Vraničar, Aljoša Potočnik, Špela Sušnik, Eva Senekovič, Urška Bertok, Matej Tili, Darja Josič, Kaja Todorovič, Nuša Gruden, Katja Martinčič, Gašper Fabijan, Dino Mujič, Aljoša Lipolt, Blaž Boldin, Rok Hočevar, Martina Ferfila, Andraž Intihar, Ana Kosi, Tadej Kališnik, Petra Marinšek, Andraž Intihar, Primož Grabnar